Mattress Factory 2021 International Open Call - SUBMIT

The Mattress Factory is pleased to announce our new International Open Call for artist residencies and solo exhibitions.

The Program - By Artists, For Artists

Continuing our commitment to centering artist voices and decentering institutional voice, the review of submissions and selection of artists will be done by artists who have previously exhibited at the Mattress Factory.  The artists forming the Artist Review Panel for the 2021 International Open Call are vanessa germanSohrab KashaniChristopher Meerdo and Sarah Oppenheimer. The Artist Review Panel will review submissions and select artists to be offered residencies and solo exhibitions, shaping the upcoming programs of the Mattress Factory from submissions to the open call.

During their residency, artists are free to explore wherever their process leads them. The Mattress Factory will support each artist’s process from development through production and installation to exhibition. Solo exhibitions resulting from residencies will be scheduled from Spring 2023 onwards.

Eligibility & Submissions

The International Open Call is open to artists from around the world as well as from around the corner. Artists are invited to submit a portfolio of work and supporting documentation, which will be reviewed by the Artist Review Panel.  

Artists must submit a single, multi-page PDF file including (max. file size: 25mb):
  • A 2-page (max.) Bio or CV.
  • Up to 10 images for consideration. Images must be accompanied by the artwork's Title, Year, Medium, and Dimensions. Please include any notes regarding installation if relevant. For video or audio works, please include a static image in the PDF (you may also include a URL pointing to the file online in the text of the PDF). You may also submit up to 4 supporting audio or video files.
  • Artists may also submit supporting documentation, but it is not required (i.e. press reviews or videos of artist talks).
  • Please do not include project proposals in your submission.

Submissions close December 10, 2021 at 459pm, EST.